New Year Resolutions!

Here it is already January 4, 2019. Four days into the new year. My first three days were spent off island in Connecticut helping a friend. In those three days, there were two Chinese take-out orders and a pizza! Did I mention the yummy Sunny Side Up breakfast sandwich on the ride back to the ferry? Some people may consider this a fail of my New Year goal to get my nutritional habits under control … I do not see it like that at all!

I always wonder why people put so much pressure on themselves to change some part (or all) of their negative lifestyle choices on January 1st. What happens with the flip of the calendar page that suddenly January 1st is “the” day when we just stop doing what we used to do? We all know someone who vows on January 1 to completely eliminate all junk food, workout seven days a week, drink a gallon of water each day, run four days a week, no more dairy or carbs. Talk about setting oneself up for failure! I do feel the need to add that I used to be one of those “all or nothing” people so please do not think I am sitting on a high horse.

I completely understand the concept of setting goals and using January 1st as a start date. I personally have goals for myself, both personal and professional, to reach in 2019. For instance, I love writing, fitness and helping others; I am going to blog more in 2019. Does this mean I am going to post every single day, week or month? Nope … just more often than I used to. I want to earn the top Level 3 Spin instructor certification and obtain another format certification as well. My goal is to achieve this by the end of 2019 – not in one week or month.

So let’s get back to how my Chinese take-out and pizza is not an epic fail of my goal to rein in my nutritional habits. A month ago, I would have devoured the entire pizza, leaving nothing but a crust or two behind. This week I had three slices and left with a doggie bag that I gave to my teenage son to finish! It also did not have my beloved meatball / bacon / sausage toppings. It had shrimp and garlic (no, not even bacon). I also ate a salad before inhaling the pizza. My Chinese go-to favorite is an order of fried dumplings, General Tso chicken and pork fried rice. Last year, the only thing left on the table would be the fortune paper from the cookie! Truth be told, I ate every single dumpling – and they were amazing. I had one scoop of the rice and a few pieces of the chicken versus leaving the white cardboard containers scraped clean. I also ate one fortune cookie instead of three. Yay me! As far as the breakfast sandwich, there was absolutely no redeeming quality to it – I inhaled it, owned it and loved every single bite!

When achieving goals, I give myself the most important component of success – forgiveness. The ability to mess up and reset – not mess up and abandon! It’s my opinion that complete abandonment of something that we enjoy is the fastest way to fail. I will never give up pizza. Ever. To form a habit takes anywhere from three weeks to two months, depending on which expert you choose to believe. So I am slowly altering my topping choices to eliminate the greasy sausage, meatballs and bacon to reflect more heart healthy choices. One thing I am certain of, however, you will never see a pineapple on my pizza. Ever. Not hating on people who like it, that’s just not my thing.

When evaluating your 2019 goals, evaluate the journey you plan to achieve them. Slow and steady wins the race. Expect there will be obstacles that pop up on your path – embrace and learn from them. If you stumble, please do not think you have to give up on the big goal. Immediately refocus on your goal – not even waiting for the next day. If you are making nutritional habit changes or incorporating fitness into your routine, you will start to see and feel the benefits. These changes will likely fuel your drive to continue your journey and pave the way to success. I wish everyone who took the time to read this a very happy and fit 2019!

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