Starting a Fitness Journey

I am not smarter than my 16-year old son.

Sadly, he has proven this statement true many, many times. Whenever my husband or I have a problem with our phone or computer, we call in the expert. With a snarky look, my son will tap on the keyboard for three seconds, hand the device back to us, and declare victory. Technology frustrates me. Prior to calling in the teenager, I likely invested time, energy and a few colorful words into fixing the problem. I am, however, grateful to my son because I have learned how beneficial technology can be to my life.

I had no idea how to start my weight loss program. The magazines at the grocery checkout promised ten pounds gone in a week! While overwhelming, I bought them each week and watched my grocery bill inflate. The magazines gave me ideas, tips and motivation. I would take one or two ideas from each magazine each week. I had a notebook filled with articles, recipes and success stories ripped out of magazines.

Then … I discovered the internet! It was like the skies parted, the sun shone down on me, and I swear I heard angels singing. There is a place where I can search for exercise and nutritional tips AND I can save the pages in categories I organize? The magazines I once spent way too much money are now available on line? This is AMAZING! This is revolutionary! Where was Google and Pinterest 15 years ago?

Take a moment to search Google for weight loss tips. It may take more than a minute to read through the mountain of information that will pop up in front of your eyes. Do a search on Pinterest for healthy meal ideas – you can break it down to specify crock pot ideas, chicken, vegetarian, and yes, even healthy dessert ideas. While you are on Pinterest, search some ideas for at-home exercises, weight loss on a budget, and stretches for beginners.

The internet is an invaluable tool. However, it is important to be smart when using it. If a “healthy” recipe calls for vegetables to be sautéed in a mound of butter, please check the nutritional data (most reputable sources come with a disclosure of calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, etc.). If you see a beginner stretch that requires you to stand on your head, be safe. Your fitness journey is not a week-long sprint – it is a lifetime road trip! Empower yourself with the knowledge available on the internet. Prepare a plan, consult with your doctor to ensure your plan is safe, and then enjoy the trip!

The next time my iTunes refuses to work or I cannot connect to the internet, I will still call my son in for his expertise. However, my notebook has been retired and my Pinterest wall is now full of amazing tips and recipes. When the snarky teenager laughs at me and rolls his eyes while he fixes my phone or computer, I simply remind him that I taught him how to use a spoon.

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