Biking Block Island Safely!

I love sitting on our front porch, especially in the morning.  The island wakes up with magnificent colors over the water.  I sit and count my blessings every day.  The front porch is also a great people watching perch.  It provides lots of fun for us and our friends. I see so many people riding bikes – I applaud them and often cheer them on!!  I think it’s fantastic they are seeing this beautiful island on a bike instead of whizzing by on a moped. So how could bike riding on Block Island ... Read More

Fitness and Education!

Fitness classes and instructors are all the same, right?  I used to think just because a certain instructor’s class was packed that the instructor really knew what (s)he was doing!   Oh how I was wrong.   I have been a fitness fanatic for many years and have taken classes with dozens of instructors.  As many times as I have learned something new in these classes, I have learned equally what NOT to do in classes.   I am also a member who has special needs – I have a herniation at L4-5 after de... Read More

New Year Resolutions!

Here it is already January 4, 2019. Four days into the new year. My first three days were spent off island in Connecticut helping a friend. In those three days, there were two Chinese take-out orders and a pizza! Did I mention the yummy Sunny Side Up breakfast sandwich on the ride back to the ferry? Some people may consider this a fail of my New Year goal to get my nutritional habits under control … I do not see it like that at all! I always wonder why people put so much pressure on themse... Read More

Fueling not Feeding

When I started on my weight loss journey, I thought the hardest part was the workouts. I would wake up the day after leg day and feel like my legs were made of Jello. The day after arm day would leave me wincing just to lift my water bottle. I often questioned my sanity for returning day after day for more of this. But the weight was falling off, and my motivation was solidified -- until suddenly the progress stopped. Hmmmm … what gives? Why is the weight not falling ... Read More

Comfort Zones Redefined

Ahhhh … sitting on my couch with my comfy pants on and remote in hand. Max is curled up half on my legs while the puppy is in a ball at my feet. I have a yummy dinner in my belly, a bowl of popcorn on my lap, and it is raining outside. Top Gun is in the DVD, and I am truly in my happy place. This is my definition of my happy place, my comfort zone. It’s easy; it’s comfortable.

What I left out is that I worked out for two hours this morning. Let’s not... Read More

Starting a Fitness Journey

I am not smarter than my 16-year old son.

Sadly, he has proven this statement true many, many times. Whenever my husband or I have a problem with our phone or computer, we call in the expert. With a snarky look, my son will tap on the keyboard for three seconds, hand the device back to us, and declare victory. Technology frustrates me. Prior to calling in the teenager, I likely invested time, energy and a few colorful words into fixing the problem. I... Read More

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